business-historyBusiness historical data is sponsored by local businesses to bring you a collection of information useful in research of business history from Real Estate and Mortgages beginnings to all type of business historical information. Along the way, we will toss in some specific historical facts as it relates to some of our business sponsor’s home towns, industry and markets.

Business and freedom to develop your business has been a core fundamental part of American history. From the early days as a country, many of our founding fathers were themselves entrepreneurs. Land and property acquisition was a big part of our discovery and the opportunity to own land and start a new business endeavor is what brought many of our families to the America’s in the first place.

This blog is a product of sponsoring businesses and will be heavy into the Mortgage and Real Estate information because of the backgrounds of some of the founding members of this website. As we develop our information we hope to broaden our articles with many sources for inspiration and development of your own history in business and life.

MoHo seeks to publish posts with extensive primary research that add to the broadening of the issue, and offer comparative views address important issues of discussion. The website is mainly concerned with the history of entrepreneurs, firms, and company systems, and with the areas of regulation, globalization, and innovation. Additionally, it hopes to covers posts in the relationship of companies to political regimes and to the surroundings.

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