History of Housing in America

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America is indeed a progressive country. The emerging economy, large companies and the standard of living in this place just greatly show the comfortable living of its entire citizens. You can also tell if a particular family has a comfortable living in their house. Yes, the outside appearance and the interior design of the house from inside would greatly tell that they have a great living. Did you know that there are different styles of houses that have evolved in America?

Unfolding the History

The early years for the first settlers in America have been really fruitful. It is because these humble beginnings have marked a great development in history. This have greatly improved when European colonist have arrived into this great land. It was said that there are already indigenous people who have developed intricate culture before this colonist have arrived. This greatly means that the way of living have already developed before 1600. Apart from what you have known, there are also some settlers from other countries who have lived in some regions in America.

Even before the great Christopher Columbus’s arrival in 1492, the culture in this country was even stated by it early settlers. It is for sure that this beginnings and the arrival of colonist have made a big confusion in history. There are still ongoing researches about this said history. Has this something to do with houses? Well, the answer is yes. Knowing that there were already settlers before other nationalities, this takes part in the early construction of houses in this country.

Knowing more about houses

From the early beginnings up to 1850’s, log cabin is the style of house in this country. The next style of house that was created was called the Saltbox. It was brought by the early English settlers. It was in 1700 when Georgian style of house has become popular. It was still the proof of the early European architecture. The succeeding years have become more fruitful in the field of architecture, some of the styles of houses where revival of the early architectural design from those people who have lived in this country.

Public Housing in America

The distinctive architectural design for houses has flourished from those early settings even up today’s time. Everyone have probably did know that you can tell that a family is wealthy through the style of his house. How about the poor ones? You can guess that the indigent people from that time don’t have the house just like with the rich ones. But the government at that time has done efforts to provide the needs of the people. When it comes to shelter, the government has made an establishment that will give homes to those in need. It was around nineteenth up to twentieth century hen public housing was created by the federal government. Aside from the housing, there are also allowance programs that have greatly support these tenants.

From the very beginning up to the fully established government, you can see how the history of housing evolved in America. This just proves that everything in this world is changing and even houses change as the time goes.